Welcome to Studham WI!

Welcome to the homepage of Studham WI. Please feel free to take a look around; learn a few new facts about the WI (Women’s Institute) both locally and nationally, see what’s coming up next month and further through the year, and read our blog to find out what we’ve been up to. There’s a gallery of our favourite photos, info about this year’s Resolution campaign, and links for further reading, interest and other WIs in the area. Don’t miss the Studham WI facebook page too!

Less Jam and Jerusalem, and more coffee and cake, we like a brew, a natter and generally eating lots and laughing! Why not enjoy a night out with the girls? Come and visit and see what we’re all about, see our ‘Become a member‘ page for more information about joining us.

Email us at: studhamwi@hotmail.com 

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